About Day Gems


Our family has been mining precious gem stones and metals since the 1860’s and are still mining today, (5 generations.) We have been wholesaling loose gem stones and gem stone jewelry since 1977.
Living at the mining area allows for direct buying, watching from the time the ground comes out of the mine until the rough is cut and created into a jewel. The benefit is, you will receive lower prices than from anywhere else.
1880's Robert Murphy who mined from the mid 1880s at Blackrange near Kalgoolie, Western Australia.


Our gem business is committed to providing you with natural genuine gem stones which will not change color or lose oils (contained in some treated gem stones exposing ugly cracks), will not devalue when a new treatment comes on the market, a gem stone that will look the same in years to come and can be handed down through the generations. You have peace of mind knowing that our natural gems tones are not harmful to your health.

1860's Margaret Shinnick, daughter of the miner James Shinnick, wife of the miner Micheal Barry who both mined at Castlemaine and Ballarat, Victoria, Australia.

If you have any questions, are not happy about something, please contact us at enquiry@daygems.com don't forget to include your email address.
We look forward to doing business with you, both now and in the future.

Simon Day,

Director, Day Gems .