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The value of a gem stone is directly related to its rarity. The weight of the stone, its color, clarity and cut are all valued ultimately on rarity. For example larger stones or stones with good color or clarity have a greater value because they are more rare.

Origin and treatments also has an effect on value, for example, a natural Mogok, Burmese (unheated) ruby or sapphire has up to 400% more market value than a similar heated ruby or sapphire. Many heated rubies and sapphires are actually Beryllium treated which are only detected as heat treated by most of the worlds labs Beryllium treated gems are worth significant less than a similar heat treated ruby or sapphire and may have lasting health consequences .

A large untreated (color unchanged) stone is much more rare than a similar treated stone and will never lose its color. Hence is worth more and will hold its value far, far better than a similar treated gem stone.



38 Ct. Mogok Sapphire

Value due to origin

Origin also has an effect on the value of the gem stone. Often gem stones from one area can have a desirable color, clarity, weight etc. e.g. the value of a Mogok, Burmese ruby compared to a similar African ruby is significant.

Supply and demand also has an effect on value. Many gem stones are found only in places where the climate (physical, economical and political) is hostile or unstable. This directly affects supply, and as a supply of a loose gem stone dwindles, it becomes harder to find, more expensive.

Please find the following lists of origin for most desirable ruby, sapphire and jadeite, 1 indicating the most desirable, and 2 the second most desirable etc…

Most desirable RUBIES Most desirable SAPHIRES Most desirable JADEITE
1. Mogok (Myanmar.) 1. Kashmir (finished mining in 1930.) 1. Myanmar
2. Mong Shu (Myanmar.) 2. Mogok (Myanmar.)  
3. Luc Yen (Vietnam.) 3. Sri Lanka  
4. Sri Lanka 4. Pailin (Cambodia.)  
5. Chantaburi (Thailand.) 5. N.S.W. Australia  
6. Madagascar, Tanzania 6. Thailand  


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