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Why Day Gems

Diamonds, approximately 99% of ruby and sapphire, almost all emeralds as well as many other gems are treated. Day Gems is different; Day Gems is committed to providing you with something special, natural gems made by Mother Nature / God. Our gem stones come direct from the mines so we sell natural gems at the lowest prices. The best deal for you, that is our aim.

Topaz 7.6 Kg.

Ruby 1.23 Carat

Day Gems natural gem stones have had no treatments at all; the gem stones are simply cut and polished. They contain no treatments like radiation or Beryllium that have been known to be harmful to humans. They will remain just as they are forever. Day Gems natural gem stones are so rare that they are more valuable than a similar treated gem. In fact, large natural Mogok rubies are one of the most expensive of all gems.

Unlike other business's Day Gems sells gems with an independent gem stone identification report, we do not hide things from our customer’s; we want your return business.
The most important part of Day Gems business is you, the customer.



Head office: Day Gems, 26, Moo 5, Suranarai Rd., Lamnarai, Chaibadan, Lopburi, 15130, Thailand.
Phone: +95 9 771 777 897
Email: enquiry@daygems.com

Australian Business Number: 12 887 031 042

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